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About Taff

TAFF is a registered charitable institution, established under the Canadian Federal charter of not-for-profit organizations. For a copy of foundation charter and corresponding tax registration information, please click here (PDF)

Our goal is straightforward – to save patients stricken with IPF, one patient at a time. TAFF focuses on patients diagnosed with IPF at the Notre Dame Hospital in Montreal. For more details on patient support, please go to the IPF Patients section.

Our Story

In March 2008 Ian Alexander was officially diagnosed with IPF, although the signs had been evident for sometime. The diagnosis was made by Dr. Charles Poirier at the Respiratory Institute affiliated with the Notre Dame hospital, in Montreal.

The news wasn’t good. Ian was put on a waiting list to receive a lung transplant. He was number 30 on the list. The HND didn’t (and still doesn’t) prioritize the relative sickness of its patients. With 6 months left to live and a year to wait, the math was simple – he would die waiting for a transplant.

TAFF was born shortly thereafter with the objective of helping Ian get a lung transplant. The plan was and remains, to help others and make a real difference – one patient at a time. It was Ian who worked tirelessly, cutting through administrative and bureaucratic hurdles at the hospital and government levels, finding a way to save his life … and providing a clear path which we could use to help others. Today, we understand the system – its strengths, weaknesses and limitations.

Long story short, Ian was admitted to the Toronto General Hospital’s lung transplant programme headed by Dr. Lianne Singer. What a magnificent team!

With only a few weeks left to live, Ian was admitted and transplanted on February 8th, 2009 thanks to the Toronto General Hospital and their highly professional team of doctors and administrators. He lives today. Ian is Chairman of the E-Challenge golf tourney and plays a central role in TAFF’s growth and activities supporting IPF patients.

TAFF launched the 1st annual E-Challenge Golf Tournament in September 2008 and the rest is history! See E-Challenge section for further details.

Please click here to get to know our Board of Directors!

A sincere thank you to all our Sponsors!

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